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Open Air Photo Booth

The “Open-Air” booth is a completely open layout.

This booth has a 7ft tall 5ft wide (black or white option) backdrop with a 4ft kiosk that the guest will stand in front of. This booth allows the other guests to see all the fun and easily join in.

This booth is perfect for weddings, school events, corporate parties, and so much more. With instant prints and a variety of props this booth will allow your guests to see all the fun and make memories that will last forever!

Don’t forget to add on a premium backdrop to add that extra special touch to your event. With a verity of backdrop options, you can choose from it can easily be customized for any theme.

Birthday Party Photo Booth Your Guests Will Love

Surprise your friends and family with a birthday party photo booth at your next big event. With laughter and live prints, the guest of honor won’t be the only one glad they came. Book Picture Perfect Photo Booth Rentals now.

Break The Ice

Nothing breaks the ice at a wedding quite like a photo booth. A fun backdrop, a few blush-inducing props and in no time you’ll have friends and family mingling in front of the camera.

All About Fun

Incorporating your photo booth ideas for weddings into your celebration is an excellent way to keep your guests loosened up and having fun on your big day. Plus, it’s a great way for you to remember all of the guests who helped you to celebrate your new marriage.

At Picture Perfect Photo Booth Rentals, we make it easy for you to take your wedding reception to another level with our wide range of photo booth options. Get in touch with us to find out how to book your photo booth today, just in time for your upcoming nuptials.

The Open Air Photo Booth: a fun alternative to a traditional enclosed photo booth

What is the Open Air Photo Booth?

This is a photo booth that is not contained within a frame or a curtain. There is a kiosk-style photo booth stand and guests can choose their props just like with any of our photo booths. We have many different backdrops available too, so you can really tailor the experience for your guests. Our Open Air Photo Booth is great for any event and is a really popular choice!

What can you do in the Open Air Photo Booth?

Unleash your inner model with the Open Air Photo Booth! It takes photos, videos and voice recordings. The Open Air Photo Booth has an interactive touch screen that is super easy to use. What’s more, the green screen option means that you can combine props and pretend to be whoever you want, wherever you want. Fancy being Elvis in Las Vegas? You can! There are so many possibilities – you and your guests will have so much fun making memories to last a lifetime.

How can you get a copy of your images?

With the Open Air Photo Booth, you have numerous options of getting a copy of your photos. Go traditional with prints or share via the internet. With the print option, you can choose the size and type of your photos. Digitally, you can send you photos over email or text and can upload to social media sites.

Who might want to use it?

Since this photo booth doesn’t take up a specific size of space, it’s ideal for locations where space is limited either in surface area or height. It still gives you the same fun as any other photo booth and can still fit large groups in its space.

This photo booth is a top choice for school proms and college parties. There’s something about students that mean they just love seeing each other have fun and bouncing new photo booth ideas off each other!

If you don’t fall into the school or college category, this is still a great photo booth for your party. Imagine seeing your grandmother have fun with all of the props in an open photo booth? You wouldn’t be able to enjoy that experience in an enclosed booth.

Why should you choose the Open Air Photo Booth above other types of photo booth?

The great thing about the Open Air Photo Booth is that you can see what’s going on! Guests will be inspired by what others do so it can really turn into a whole load of fun. An open booth can be a great way to break the ice amongst groups of guests who might not know each other very well. Open air booths have a much wider choice of backdrop too so you can really tailor your event however you choose.

So, what are you waiting for? See how much fun you will have in our Open Air Photo Booth!